Gerard Henderson passed away on August 2, 2014. We are looking for the present owners of his paintings, drawings and creations. We need high-resolution photos as we are trying to catalogue his work and possibly include some in his upcoming book.

If you can assist us in any way, Kindly email us at:

“Mural painting is the oldest, purest and most powerful form of mass communication there is in the world. It enables the artist, particularly with a social conscience, to make a public statement through his work, namely, to speak directly to the people. A mural is a living thing – you build on it, nourishing it as you would a plant, using the various materials like stone, sedimentary rock and ceramics, until the direction of the design emerges to delight the eye, and at the same time remind people of their past cultures and heritages.”


“In my own work as a muralist, I always try to bring in some fantasy, drama and spectacle to delight the public’s eye and at the same time remind them of their past cultures and art heritages.”


Gerard D’A. Henderson

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