Gerard Henderson passed away on August 2, 2014. We are looking for the present owners of his paintings, drawings and creations. We need high-resolution photos as we are trying to catalogue his work and possibly include some in his upcoming book.

If you can assist us in any way, Kindly email us at:

  • Kwan Yin

  • Gerard at work on Kwan Yin

    Gerard at work on Kwan Yin

Henderson’s large fresco of one of the most beloved of all Buddhist divinities, The Goddess Kwan Yin and Her five Attendants, is almost 14 feet in height. She stands with one hand raised holding a red lotus to attain rebirth in heaven, the other pointing downwards in the attitude of benediction.

“Kwan Yin will be there for everyone to see and to pay their respects,” says the artist. “My ultimate dream is that my paintings not only have aesthetic value but also work miracles, like icons. So that people can pray for blessings and receive them, and their children have health and peace in this age of anxiety and turmoil. My aim is to bring joy and beauty and restore a sense of wonder to all mankind.”

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