"Through his topics Gerard expresses his own inner world with the hidden memories and hopes of humanity, a starry night, distant skies, horses, maidens of ancient China, portraits of Buddha, vistas of lost coities and human faces - all evoke universal dreams and hint at their possible realization."


Gerard Henderson passed away on August 2, 2014. We are looking for the present owners of his paintings, drawings and creations. We need high-resolution photos as we are trying to catalogue his work and possibly include some in his upcoming book.

If you can assist us in any way, Kindly email us at: friendsofgerardhenderson@gmail.com

  • Procession, Pagan, Burma

  • Mongol Encampment

  • The Great Khan Dining with his Generals

  • Escorting Princess Kulan

  • Groom and Horse

  • Court Musicians

  • Royal Procession I

  • Royal Procession II

  • Oriental Port Fantasy